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I was bored and thought I would post pictures of my car with my new Spoiler.

(Click the picture to see more)
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Awsome shots. I like the slideshow feature!
Did u get those from grafxworks?
Nice pics, I wish i didn't need to get brakes right now so i could grab one of those. anyhow Looks like the paint matches up perfect:glasses:
I bought a stock spoiler painted for 90 bucks with shipping but it doesnt have the mounting hardware. Besides the bolts is there like a silicone gasket around each screw?
Im going to drill the holes and seal them for rust but it wont be here till tomorow so i wont see what i got my self into until then. LOL looks like i need to drill 6 holes:(
I got just a regular GT spoiler. I would like the 9.5 like you have but this was more in my price range;)

But yeah it had 6 holes i had to drill and i found some washers with nylon on one side to seal the holes up around the bolt. Your pic helpt me figure out where to start. But it turned out great. I actually moved the spoiler a little further back than stock so it the bottom lined up with the trunk more.
All the pieces found at home depo for around $2:D
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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