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I was bored and thought I would post pictures of my car with my new Spoiler.

(Click the picture to see more)
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Any of you guys know where I can get a spoiler a little bigger than my stock one? I have a 06 GT, and I'm not a big fan of the lip spoiler, but I dont want a wing. Im trying to stay away from the "universal" spoilers. Any tips?
Whitesedanman used one from a neon and I think it looks good!!

I'm gonna replace mine soon but with the 09.5 one. Its the same thing but sticks out a tad more. Like the hammerhead without the side wings.

here is the neon one:

Any idea where he got that neon spoiler? It looks good
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would it matter what year and model of neon for it to fit correctly? and 2dr vs 4dr?
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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