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I was bored and thought I would post pictures of my car with my new Spoiler.

(Click the picture to see more)
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Whitesedanman used one from a neon and I think it looks good!!

I'm gonna replace mine soon but with the 09.5 one. Its the same thing but sticks out a tad more. Like the hammerhead without the side wings.

here is the neon one:

here is the one I am getting:

Side shot:
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I ordered the 09.5 spoiler. Ill let u know when it gets here and how hard its going to be to mount/paint.
yeah...he bought it off ebay. He said they painted it.

I just did a search on eBay for Neon + spoiler and it poped up pages worth. :)

Grafx.....the 09.5 spoiler part number is 20833564. but please verify before ordering. I ordered it last week and so I should know for sure before too long.
I may have just ordered the spoiler that I already have. DOH!!!

Anyways....I ordered from gmpartsdirect:

Part: 20833564*
Category: Rear Comp Lid
Description: SPOILER
Min.Qty: 1
Unit Price: $187.15
Quantity: 1
Ext.Price: $187.15
Core Charge: $0.00

SUB TOTAL: $187.15
SHIPPING: $39.30
TAX: $0.00
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Look what came in :D

Twice the size of stock!

The 3M adhesive is on the edge....I taped it up real good before getting out the plastic pry tools :eek:

Then I hadda clean it up! After this shot I got that goo up ont he edges with goo gone.

The bolts on it line up perfectly!

The spoiler also didnt come with a template so those of you with no stock spoilers (no holes)
are gonna have one fun time marking your drill holes. Im thinking about making a template available for you....
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I just set it on there for pix. I took it to my paint guy this afternoon.
While there he asked me to sand it so I spent about an hour sanding it.

Should be done in 1-2 weeks. :cheers

Cool thing is there is no Electric blue in 09.5 so this is another mark of uniqueness for ole blue. ;)
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where did you buy it from i put the gm part number you gave me in gm parts direct and shows nothing thanks lampoon
Works for me...I just tried it again.
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Guess what I put on today.....

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Which spoiler do u have? I think mine was 4 bolts.
Yes there was 3m adhesive tapes around it.

I think I took pix when I pulled mine off....

basically tape all around the holes.
I put red around where the tape was on my stock spoiler:
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oops.....i was thinking of the Mustang spoiler (4)....
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