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Spolier for 2008 G6 GT Convertible

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Anybody have any suggestions for a spoiler for the drop top? Bought my son an 08 and he thinks it needs one. GXP spoiler looks a little heavy to me without the GXP front end and not sure it would work anyhow with the trunk shape and brake light on the convertible.
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I am not sure and that is a very good point. That may be why I cant find any available. Thanks!
Kids still want one so if anyone has a suggestion, Id be glad to hear it. Probably need to be blow molded ABS
G6 Vert Spoiler

Appreciate that, and have the spoiler with the LED's but looking for another more prominent unit. It appears after a pretty exhaustive search that no one makes one for it. Hard to believe.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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