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Perhaps a reason...

Mine has done this in the past and on occasion recently. As someone stated it mostly is happening for them during remote start.

Next time you get in your car make sure your radio and a/c are off, not because of the issue because of the noise. Then when you turn your key to the on position you will hear the fuel pump running. My theory, and it is just that, it has not fully primed the system to enable a full start. I know my car does that on occasion with remote start. It has also done it when it has been sitting for any length of time as well not start for a day or two.

On the odd occasion that it does it when the engine is semi-warm or just started and turned off it might be a hard start because of flooding. All items that can be corrected with a computer update and sensor setting.

Again these are just theories from my own expirences and car, take them for that and with a grain of salt as I am not an auto mechanic. :D


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