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What's most interesting is that all the cars I've driven with remote start strugles have been on the Epsilon platform (Malibu's, G6's). My G6 4-cyl did this too, maybe 40% of the time it actually worked the first shot, and 60% the second attempt. Now all the Delta platform cars that I've driven, including the Chevy HHR I currently own, have NEVER had a remote start struggle/problem! That leads me to believe there's something in the software on Epsilon's that's not quite tweaked properly. Since it happened every now and again with the key too, it's hard to say whether it's the auto-start logic or possibly the design of the fuel system that's allowing a substantial amount of drainback into the tank. The orientation of the car (level, on hill nose up or nose down) doesn't seem to have any effect on when the problem occurs.
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