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I just got it repaired yesterday...no pictures though. I purchased a new clock-spring off Ebay and I realized when it arrived, it only had leads for the horn, not the steering wheel controls. I purchased the correct clock-spring from Rockauto. There was no distinction between if it had or didn't have leads for steering wheel controls on both models. I had to zoom into pictures and verify if the leads were there.

Overall, this was an easy fix and took about half an hour after disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes. This is what I did:

Disconnect battery (neg terminal) to allow airbag battery to discharge.

Removed airbag module from steering wheel by pushing hole in side of steering wheel with a small screwdriver on both sides. You just have to work from side to side until it pops loose. The two electrical leads going to the airbag were removed by first prying up the assurance connector on the back of the plug and then gently prying the connector from the lead. Gentle force only, they were not hard to get off.

Removed steering wheel nut with 13/16" socket. This was easy and not much force was required.

Unplugged (2) connections from steering wheel to clock-spring. These were easily accessible, but a pain to disconnect. Took some time and fiddling.

Removed steering wheel. This was the hardest part. I didn't see a place for a puller, so I set the telescoping steering wheel out as far as it would go and just worked it loose with force. (Not sure I would recommend this)

Removed clock-spring by removing (4) phillips head screws and (2) electrical connections.

Re-assembled in reverse order. The clock-spring comes with a keeper to keep it indexed. If you install it when it isn't indexed you will rip the wires out and end up where you started. The bottom of the clock-spring has a window that allows you to see a yellow roller. This yellow roller is only visible when the clock-spring is correctly indexed.

Also, be sure to get the steering wheel clocking correct before putting on the airbag. You can drive it around to be sure without the airbag. This involves connecting/disconnecting the battery a few times, but it save someone the hassle of removing the airbag a second/third time. Not sure if its required, but I did have the battery disconnected before reattaching the airbag.

The part cost me $80, dealer wanted $150 for the part and I didn't quote installation. Easy fix. Again, my symptoms were the steering wheel controls did not work (cruise, radio) and the service airbag light was on. These symptoms do not have to happen together for this to be the issue. Either symptom can be caused independently of each other and the clock-spring could be the culprit.

Hope this helps someone. Happy fixing!
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