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I've had my 2006 g6 for over a month now and began noticing a pop in the steering when I accelerate. I feel the pop coming from the front left side of the car, I can feel it through the steering wheel. I mostly feel it when turning left and hitting the accelerator, but if I'm just coasting or braking while turning, I never feel the pop. Sometimes I feel the same pop, from the same spot when accelerating from a stop and going straight or turning right and accelerating.

I do think the steering is a bit funny, because turning left is lighter and requires slightly less effort than turning right. Also, to go down the road straight, I have to have the wheel slightly turned to the right.

I think I might try spraying that white lithium grease down the steering shaft and see if that helps. Normally noises like this don't bother me but after reading so many horror stories of the power steering going out on others, I don't think I want to risk this.

Its the 4 cylinder engine, 64k miles. Thanks for the help!
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