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Should cost you nothing other then the wheel. And you'll need a friend to help.

There are wheels on ebay for about 80 bucks plus shipping and they include the bezels and buttons for the stereo control and cruise, which your car will already have the harness for EVEN if you don't currently have cruise or radio control.

It's actually really simple.

Step 1: Disconnect ALL your power from your battery. Both your negative and positive. They say you only need to leave it for about 10-15mins. I'd advise upwards of 30mins to an hour to be safe.

Be safe from what you ask?

Step 2: Your airbag. It couldn't be simpler remove. You need to thin but long screw drivers or allen keys.. Basically, there are two small holes, one on either side of the airbag on the wheel. They're really small and inside there are two clips which you'll need to simultaneously push on to pop the airbag housing out. This is one place where a friend will help, because pushing on them both alone is a bit of a task.

Step 3: Once the airbag is out, you'll need to unclip the two power clips on the back of the airbag housing. Be kind of gentle with this as you'd like to not damage anything and unknowningly end up with a non-working airbag :).

Step 4: Once the airbag is free you'll see a center bolt with a nut on it. Remove the nut. Your wheel is pressed onto that big bolt and getting it off will take two people OR a wheel puller which you can find at any automotive shop. Be sure to disconnect any wires running to the coil spring from your wheel controls (if you have them, if not you'll see the ports to plug in your new wheel controls near the top of the inside of the wheel. You'll need to pull on the wheel with everything you got. Eventually it'll just come free and come right off.

Forgot to mention, make sure you're wheel is dead straight before you start this. There are guides on the wheel and on the hub but having it all straight to begin with will making putting it back on straight even easier.

Step 5: Put new wheel on. Plug in radio controls. You MIGHT need to add a fuse to your passenger footwell fuse panel for the wheel controls to work if you don't currentl have WControl. The amperage for the fuse will be on the panels info guide. Put the wheel on and follow the markings for center.

Once the wheel is on and the nut has been torqued back into place put your airbag back in, remember to plug in the two yellow (i think) power wires into your bag and just snap it back into place.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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