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Alright. I have searched and searched but cannot find this. I am looking to upgrade the stock stereo to a Kenwood DDX470 double din with touchscreen etc.

My question is - is it possible to relocate the stock stereo and still use it for the dic while installing the new stereo into the dash? Ive looked all over this and everyone just jumps to the metra 99-3303 kit which I will be buying if I cant figure this out. I have found relocation kits for the Grand Am, Malibu, Impala, about everything but what I need. Will the Metra 70-2103t relocation kit work for this situation? If I had to wire it myself what would it take?

I am also looking into the iDatalink systems. They are supposed to transfer all of that information into the aftermarket stereo. I know that that Kenwood will work with an iDatalink system but dont know if the iDatalink will work with the GM DIC. Does anyone know?

My car is a 2006 G6 v6 without monsoon or onstar. It has the base model single disc stereo with tweeters.

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My question is - is it possible to relocate the stock stereo and still use it for the dic while installing the new stereo into the dash?
I've relocated a GM stereo to the trunk in my 2002 Impala. (I mounted it atop the amp I had there.) I found a 7- or 8-lead cable at an electronics store here that had just enough wires in it to provide the minimum connectivity for getting it running. Basically, I could reset the oil life monitor and do other similar functions with it. But I had to be in the back seat or trunk to use it.

That said, rather than re-locating the radio to the trunk, I recommend you get a setup that replaces those features and keeps the DIC functions within easy reach of the driver.

As for relocating the radio, going from memory, in the Impala, there were 2 power wires, 1 gnd, 2 wires for the speaker (warning sounds) and 2 wires for the serial bus: 7 total. I found some terminals which slide over the pins on the back of the radio. I attached those to the cable, then applied shrink tubing over the terminals. With the terminals positioned on the pins, a couple zip ties were used to anchor the cable in such a way that there was no tension on the wires/terminals. To be clear, since there was no connector housing for the terminals, there was no way to secure them to the pins on the radio other than using the zip ties on the cable. It sounds kludgy, but worked very nicely.

For sure, I wouldn't waste any money on the Metra 70-2103T.

Looking at the Metra 99-3303, it's expensive, but it does appear to have everything you need. And it will save you lots of time spent researching and gathering all the pieces. The only caveat is that it will only work with single DIN radios, which rules out the DDX470.




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I did the same upgrade but w a Kenwood dmx110bt and separate Sirius satellite receiver
Make sure if you have a amplified system monsoon use your appropriate wire harness to keep all your chimes...the Metra kit you perhaps will get or maybe your local warmest has the harness`and you buy it from them soochee I think is Wal-Mart's brand ! My computer or others call it DIC drivers info center...mines is in my glove box.. i extended all the wores to it and routed them under my sash and into the glove box..

My stereo
Kenwood dmx110bt
Sirius onyx satellite radio
Kicker titanium series tweeters
Lower door 6.5 job got series
Rear deck 6x9 infinity kappa 3ways
And a kicker punch 400 push g it all to sound crisp clear

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