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Has anyone in the club installed these on their G6?
The dealer wants me to pre-pay for them and I don't know which ones to purchase. Don't want to get stuck w/ ugly accessories.
Custom moulded front and rear are $135.00 (VIN # needed)
Flat style (mildly contoured) are approx. $50.00
They are also talking about installation. WOW!!!! Dealer Install $$$
Can they be mounted without taking the whole body apart? (just kidding)
I have always had them on all my previous vehicles and they were pretty easy to install.......

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I've got the custom molded guards and really like the way they look.

Installed them myself on a weekend afternoon. Took about an hour with my lovely assistant (wife) holding them tightly in place while I attached them. No disassembly required, they just screw right on.

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Installed molded flaps front and back

The front is a tad harder. You have to bend them into place.
Or at least I had to.

Remove the hex screw again and take out the next two push pins.
There are metal screw plates that install under the plastic and you replace the pins with screws. You have to drill for the screw on the bottom again.

Then your done. I like the effect but my Wife couldnt even tell what I did!!

You need to jack it up and remove the wheels.
Use a jack stand on the front as the place to support the jack
is to the rear of the tire and is in the way for the install.
So jack it up then put a stand under te rail and move the jack for the

I like it.

Installed locking lugs as well.

Now I must think of my next mod.....
I believe I will paint the calipers and parts behind the wheel....now that
I have gotten a good look at them. Mine are already rusting!!!

Anyway.....took awhile to install but it wasnt complicated.

Here ia apix of the front ones


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I'm patiently waiting for the weather to get better to install mine, I've had them a few weeks now. Looks pretty easy, but pics and advice are greatly appreciated.
Did you have a difficult time removing the plastic push pins? Looks like you had a special tool in one of the pics.

As for the wife not noticing, that means you did it right.

Great looking ride, have fun!
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