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What exactly are the specs on the stock stereo? My girlfriend and I just bought an '08 G6 GT, and upgraded from an '03 Grand Am SE (which we still have).

The Grand Am had the upgraded Monsoon stereo which we loved, and I'm wondering how it compares to what we have in the G6. I was told that the G6 has the upgraded stereo, which might also be a Monsoon. There are tweeters in the windows, and an aux-in on the head unit.

I've googled around and can't seem to find anything. Is there an amp like in the Grand Am? What else can I learn about the G6 stereo?

edit: To be clear, we have the Monsoon stereo in the new G6, and have a Monsoon stereo in the old Grand Am, and I am wondering how the 2 compare. I'm also wondering on the specs on the G6 one (amp, speakers, etc)
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