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Street Legal Project

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Greetings folks! I'm going to start working on a street legal project next month, working on getting a G6 GT up to 500+HP. It's going to take some time, and a few pennies, but will be fun and exciting. I was doing some online searching for a good cheap vehicle and found an online auction that's open to the public. I found an 05 GT http://easyexport.us/carfinder/vehi...2005_PONTIAC_G6_10793230/?a_aid=4c054bdec9d5b with only 30K miles. Disregard the titling, it's irrelevant for what I want it for. I'm obviously going to have it inspected before I commit to it. You folks have any auction tips you can share?
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..What are your thoughts on this..Im sure many ppl have seen this
I havent come across any threads about it yet but its the second one ive seen and i believe another person is working on one. but my only questions is how does the trans handle the power? Unless the 4cyl has a diff trans? Unless its really low boost. The other vids in his page dont show much for it running. But i wonder if its the zzperformance cobalt package what this guy has.
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