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Street Legal Project

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Greetings folks! I'm going to start working on a street legal project next month, working on getting a G6 GT up to 500+HP. It's going to take some time, and a few pennies, but will be fun and exciting. I was doing some online searching for a good cheap vehicle and found an online auction that's open to the public. I found an 05 GT http://easyexport.us/carfinder/vehi...2005_PONTIAC_G6_10793230/?a_aid=4c054bdec9d5b with only 30K miles. Disregard the titling, it's irrelevant for what I want it for. I'm obviously going to have it inspected before I commit to it. You folks have any auction tips you can share?
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first off have you ever dealt with these people? they want at least 550.00 just to register and be able to look at cars.
second, 500HP? id like to hear what you got planned.
didnt mean to sound like a dick but this is what i read " Our trial registration is free, no registration fee is required, just the initial security deposit of $400" eventhough they say its fully refundable I'd just be kinda worried about giving somebody money just to look at vehicles.

as far as bidding tips. ^^ Matt pretty much hit the nail on the head. maybe try a live auction.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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