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Street Legal Project

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Greetings folks! I'm going to start working on a street legal project next month, working on getting a G6 GT up to 500+HP. It's going to take some time, and a few pennies, but will be fun and exciting. I was doing some online searching for a good cheap vehicle and found an online auction that's open to the public. I found an 05 GT http://easyexport.us/carfinder/vehi...2005_PONTIAC_G6_10793230/?a_aid=4c054bdec9d5b with only 30K miles. Disregard the titling, it's irrelevant for what I want it for. I'm obviously going to have it inspected before I commit to it. You folks have any auction tips you can share?
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Also, its from Hawaii so have fun with all the stained "red" mud that's supposedly in the air over there.
...and only if it's a Kauai car and the lessees drove it in certain parts of the island. More likely it's a Maui or Oahu car. You don't see as many G6's in the Kauai rental fleets. And it almost is guaranteed to have been a rental.

But yeah, that $3000+ shipping fee to get it to New Jersey, then whatever it will cost to get it from there would be a killer. That's probably why the OP didn't say, "I want this specific car" but was showing us an example, focused more on the site.

You must really love the G6 body style to want to do this as you will have to completely gut and rebuild the front end to deal with whatever you are going to add plus all the chassis integrity changes to handle that kind of power. You gonna put a twin-turbo'd L37 engine in there or something? What kind of transaxle you gonna find to handle that power?

The thing about auctions is that in most cases, you have no opportunity to see the vehicle. You have to be willing to take the seller's word for the condition of the vehicle and that they have disclosed all the major problems (though you could care less about drivetrain it would seem). In my opinion you would be better off to find a car that has a straight body and good interior and blown drivetrain in your local market rather than dealing with the auction sites/houses. Oh, and don't forget that many might add a 10% or so buyer's premium on top of the final price.

Unless it was a total killer price and you just had to have "that particular car" I would recommend against buying something you can't inspect beforehand.

~ MattInSoCal
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