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I had to send the car back to the body shop a second time to fix certain, "issues". The issues have been fixed and the appropriate people have been sacked for their insolence. Now back to your normal forum browsing.

oooh wastegate

oooh it's different

oooh higher up from the front

what what in the butt

this is big but it shows how a 3inch exhaust doesn't have to go over the suspension

no i haven't hit any small animals, homeless people, bumps, got stuck doing a teeter tot etc, just another view.

Yeah I didn't put the sideskirts on, nor the door panels yet. I have important things to do like read leather bound books, in a room that smells very much like mohogany, and dream of unicorns, and porno.

Isn't it funny that I never show off pics of the whole engine bay? It's embarrassingly dirty.
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