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suggestions on colors?

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My boyfriend and I are in the process of modding our cars. His car is a liquid red G8, and he has a lot of black and chrome accents. My car is the gtp convertible, and i'm not sure hat to use as accents on the interior/exterior. I was leaning towards red and chrome, but he likes the purple/chrome. I have also heard mention of yellows and even blue. I'm a chick, but i'm not into pink so that deff wont work. My car is black on black. and completely stock as of right now. so any accents would probably b both interior/exterior/engine.

any ideas or suggestions? it would be greatly appreciated.:D

(i cant upload any pics, all of mine exceed the mb allowed by the forum)
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Upload the pix to photobucket then just paste the picture over here and it will show.

A black vert? I would recommend black recessed grills.....new wheels.....
Get what I have! lol

Then I would have someone airbrish flame up your interior. Have it painted black with red & purple flames. I wouldnt do much more cause black verts have to stay classy or
they will cross the line and people will laugh....if u know what I mean.
I've always liked chrome on black cars but then again the only appearance mods I ever done are windows, rims, tires and lowering. I think adding a touch of chrome would work.
thnx guys.

geewhiz, i plan on gettin some rims sometime this summer/ early fall. the stock ones are aight for now. but i do need tint! lol

lampoon, i have deff been drooling over ur car, it's amazing. i wanna do some of the same mods that u have. The trim pieces from ur car, are they painted or just stick-ons? and if they're painted were they difficult to get off? i have a ton more questions but i'll limit myself for now.


i need to take some of the interior still:)
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Its all paint. Only the center console trim plate - its a beeeotch to get out.
the rest is easy cheesy....
easy peezy lemon squeezy, sounds like i can handle it. jus gotta c if i can get a buddy to air brush it for me.

and i think we're gonna go for purple. the purple street glow looks wicked awesome on the car so the purple will b ok.

also, will ur crab intake would fit under the hood with out any modifications? right?
oh! i almost forgot, any recomendations on where i can get the rec grills? they look wicked on ur blue
They are GM grills so your dealership parts counter, ebay, gmpartsdirect.com has them as well....any place that u can order GM parts from.

part numbers:
Grille upper recessed
Black 19158208
Blue/gold 19158209
bright chrome 17802610
primed 19158210
red 19158207

but verify before ordering....

I got the prime ones then had them painted.

Correct....There is no modifications on that intake. Nothing cut or drilled or anything like that. It bolts right up.
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thnx pooners.

seems u're involved in every g6 forum i can find, and u're the only guy with the mods i'm looking to do, so i'll b back with more questions eventually.:D
I just love the car. ;)
doesnt every1?

oh and dont forget the g8. it's hott
yeah...the standard GXP. Woooo Hoooooooooooooooooo
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