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suggestions on painting housing on headlights

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i plan on just painting the housing to my headlight and putting in HID's instead of ordering halo projectors...how do i take the cover of the headlight off? and what type of paint do i use?
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I bought a set of used lights off ebay.

Little did I know that there are two different ways they are assembled. One has a sort of gray sealant the other has black. If you have the gray sealant it is very difficult to separate the lights. The black is pretty easy so I have heard. I had the gray so it was a pain. I messed up one and did not try with the other.

Best way to do it is to remove all the fasteners and the little pressed on clips if you have them. Stick it in the oven on 250 for about 15 min then pry it off using 2 flat head screw drivers.
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