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sun roof leak

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Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem..Had my G6 GT Coupe since September, 18K miles. It has developed a musty odor. I've never spilled anything...I can remember 1 time of seeing a trickle of water on the rear passenger side, but I honestly assumed we just didn't shut the door fast enough in the rain. I took it to the dealer who said there was a problem with the "tubing" in the sun roof, said he took the kink out and it should be okay. It still smells despite febreezing 1 or 2 times a day...how much time should I give it before taking it back? Thanks :) :confused:
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Well just make sure everything has dried all the way before trying to eliminate it. If it's dry and you can't get it out still use that lysol spray, or some detailing fabric cleaner to get it out. Febreeze is good, but kinda useless in the same.

As far as the tubes go, yeah that has been a known problem. How long has it been since it was fixed/dried?
I've had this problem too. I fixed it myself though, because I've heard of people have to go back multiple times to have it fixed and fixed again. I used clamps to make sure the tubes don't pop off again.
How do you get access to the tubes? I've taken my car in 3x and it still leaks... frustrating!!
Hey Guys,

Just bought a 2009 G6 Coupe w/sunroof. I have a garage so it hasn't been exposed to long periods of rain yet; but when I took it to the car wash (automatic car wash w/wind blowers), I saw water dripping on the rear passenger side, all the way to the rear where the gray headliner joins the black plastic trim. Now I believe the sunroof issue was fixed on the assembly line for the 2009's; would that be a safe assumptions? If so, could it be the exterior wheatherstrip (black rubber) between the rear window glass and 1/4 panel sheet metal?? Looking at it, I see some gaps and I even see a little bit of black sealant added on the driver side!! The car is brand new with no signs of interior flooding.

Any advice is appreciated.

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