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Sunroof water leak fix...

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Finaly a how to on fixing leaking sunroof!! Thank you, Thank you
Yep I'm another victim. But instead of having the dealer spend hours working on it, I figured I'd tackle it myself. So after completing the task, it only took about 15 minutes to do and quite easy. Here is a how to guide to help you!

1. Get the tools you will need handy. small flat tipped screwdriver and a Phillips screw driver.

2. Locate where the water is coming from, if its coming from the seat belt its probably your rear tubes. if its running down the apiller's its most likely the front tubes. In my case it was the front tube right side.
3. Using your small flat screwdriver gently pry open the screw covers on your visor, apiller and seat belt cover. Remove the screws.

Would have had more pictures, but they limit me to 10

4. you will gently pull out your apiller cover to expose the tube. and remove your visor, careful not to break the wire running your visor lights. "Above Picture"

5. Easily and gently pull out the edge of the liner from the weather seal all the way back to your seat belt cover.

6. Once you have the liner pulled down a little bit you should be able to see in there and see the tube where it hooks up to the sunroof.. Yep that was my issue.

7. Clean the water off the tube and inside the hole. Find some plastic glue or I used superglue and with two fingers reach in there and smear some glue around the tube. Push the tube back in the drain with a little force not too much though. make sure the tube clears the head liner when putting back together. Easly press the liner back over the weather seal back to the apiller. Put screws back in and make sure everything is tight.

Your Done!!

The dealer would have just pushed it back in causing it to come back out with time.. but with glue, you know its going to stay.:D
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If I was to do mine, I would add extensions. Local purchase, not dealer.
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