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Just signed up but i've been driving my 06 g6 for almost two years still stock. thinkin about what i'm gonna do. Right now i'm moving towards a set of 21 inch chrome rims, with low profile tires and i would like to get a dual exhaust for it. I wanna replace the air intake later on get some performance parts and tint it out. Looked at some stereos but need to get something thats gonna have the red backlight to keep with the color of the car.
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For your stereo, get anything pioneer, specfically the avic series. The new avic-f series is off the hook. The avic-d3 will allow you to keep your colors too.

Your rims will be hard up on choices, unless you're prepared to get some drilled out. Our bolt pattern is 5x110 and even at 18" the choices are slim. In 19's there are like 5-10 rims to pick from.

The only exhaust to get aftermarket would be the GTR. www.classic4performance.com to order. Sam is great and the product is amazing.

For the air intake, I'd need to know what engine you've got in order to point you in the right direction. But injen does make an intake for the 3.5 (i think) which is probably what you've got.
welcome welcome, what colin said

the intake you have 3 main choices for a full intake - Injen, K&N, knockoff ebay (my suggestion is safe your money and go ebay)

the only real option to the GTR is a custom done exhaust from a muffler shop...

i honestly am not an electronics man...sorry =\ haha

enjoy the club!
Welcome to the club!
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