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Hey all.

new guy from mn here.

just purchased a g6 about two weeks ago, and forums are the best place for help and ideas so here i am.

Names luke, but everyone calls me boomer. i reside in a small town about 1/2hr from the fargo/moorhead area.

i like vehicles, things that are fast and dangerous, and things that go boom.
i work odd hours so im always around lurking...reading, retaining information.

I own a new(to me) 2005 g6 gt. stock with the grills painted (white car, white grill). and new tires.
plans are to keep it clean looking, reliable. haha.

first things first, before i do anything, the car is going in next week for an alignment, two new tires (previous owner replaced two not all four) get it checked over, and fix a quarter size rust spot and some paint chipping before it gets any worse.
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