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The 2010 G6 GT Mystery

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I'm hoping someone would explain to me about the 2010 G6 GT...

According to GM, the 2010 G6 GT wasn't supposed to exist, it was deleted. And yet, I've seen at least a couple fleet 2010 GT's for sale.

Of course, I'm interested because the 2009.5 model GT's lacked StabiliTrak, while all 2010 G6's came with StabiliTrak. And, I'd prefer a GT with StabiliTrak than having to hunt down a base model with all the GT's features.

Looking at the option codes for the 2010 MY, I'm wondering if all 1SH package orders just got GT badged at the last minute.

Anyone have any clear ideas here on how these 2010 GT's came to be?
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There are plenty of 2010 G6's I searched on manhiem and there are about 20 pages of them at different auctions I would say that most of them went to fleets and rentals most likely.
The funny part about most of the 2010 g6 GT's I have driven is that they haven't had tapshift lol.
Well I actually thought about it when I was driving two 2010 G6's today for you. They both had ESC since when I held the T/C button for 10 seconds it showed that it was off.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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