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The 2010 G6 GT Mystery

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I'm hoping someone would explain to me about the 2010 G6 GT...

According to GM, the 2010 G6 GT wasn't supposed to exist, it was deleted. And yet, I've seen at least a couple fleet 2010 GT's for sale.

Of course, I'm interested because the 2009.5 model GT's lacked StabiliTrak, while all 2010 G6's came with StabiliTrak. And, I'd prefer a GT with StabiliTrak than having to hunt down a base model with all the GT's features.

Looking at the option codes for the 2010 MY, I'm wondering if all 1SH package orders just got GT badged at the last minute.

Anyone have any clear ideas here on how these 2010 GT's came to be?
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how much would stabilitrac even help? my 2008 gt has ABS and TC and ive never been in a situation where i could not control the vehicle. ive had my 6er completely sideways at 70mph on a 2 lane road after aparently a bunch of hail fell in just that one spot over the top of a hill, and corrected it and was just fine...... seems to me if you need to rely on something like that to keep control of the vehicle in all situations you need to learn to be a better driver.........
I have no ABS or TC LOL so winter is fun:)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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