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Things I love: panoramic roof, chrome-tech wheels, remote start, steering wheel controls, acceleration, red dash illumination, and mainly just the overall looks of the vehicle. I just love the way the g6 looks, I think it is a head turner!

Things I don't like: the rattle I have from my p-roof, the steering wheel (3 spoke would be much better), quality of the plastic in the interior could be better, a more "dynamic" leather package (they're doing this with the GTP).

I do not regret purchasing a g6. The biggest thing to me that overrides everything else is the appearance of the vehicle. I love to drive my g6, because I catch people staring all the time. That is a great feeling.

2 things I wish my g6 had that it doesn't: dual exhaust (again, they are doing this on the GTP), body colour side mirrors.
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