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Here it is by popular demand. Open your own thread on "HOW-TO". If the forum leaders like them then we will make your "How-To" a sticky for all to see!

G6 Owners
The “HOW TO” section of this site is to help our members with “do it yourself” type issues. When members (or other fellow G6 owners) would like to, for example, change their own brake pads they can refer to this section for a little help.
Perhaps you can repair, replace, modify, etc… your G6 and would like to post a thread in an attempt to be helpful to others in the form of an instructional guide we call a “HOW TO”, well this is the place for such a thread. Show us your version of how to wash-wax-paint-repair-maintain or whatever you feel is a”how to” concerning your G6. Feel free to comment on others members “HOW TO” as long as you are courteous (it’s a whole lot easier to be judgmental of someone else’s “HOW TO” than to write your own.) If you do chose to post a “HOW TO” thread look at other threads and try to be as thorough as possible. Reread your post as if you were going to use it.

This is not the section to ask the question “HOW TO” when you are having problems, that section is called, “Problems and Solutions”. Any threads or post that are not directly relevant to a HOW TO will be removed.Have fun and thanks!
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Bump up, the changes are in read.
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Bumping this up. Remember,this section isn't to ask how but to show how.

Read post #1.

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