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The Sunroof Cover not working right

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The sunroof cover on my 05 G6. the bars will slide back to where they usually do but the actually material will not. it almost seems as if it has lost its tension or something. can anyone help so i dont have to blow my money.

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tension? You lost me....
Its hard to say but, when you hit the button to let it back the cloth that is there doesnt go all the way back with the bars, it is sagging and gets stuck.
are u talking about the flip up airdam? Bars??
The sliding panel not moving correctly??
yeah the actual bars go back but the material that is attached to it is loose and doesnt roll back into the ceiling like it used to so idk what to do got any ideas??????
Hey man where this is off topic. But where did you get ur badge insert at that matched your car.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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