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this noiseee

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just noticed today-- when i'm idling at a light or stopped completely and i go to accelerate, a rattling kind of noise comes from the middle of my engine bay. sounds like the middle towards the bottom of the bay...anyone help on this? :confused:
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Can anyone out there help me,after returning from a weekend trip to a wedding,driving approx 2000 kilometers I have been noticing a whistling noise upon acceleration.The heavier I push it the longer the whistle.I have checked out my CRAB intake not coming from there.It sounds like under the car,very similar to the sound it made when it was 1 year old(warranty covered it),but not sure about now with 80,000 Kliks.Problem then was exhaust.
I went thru the CRAB CAI clamp by clamp ,then double checked again,no noise(whistling)from them under hood,sounds like under the car when you rev engine with the drivers door open.Maybe my car is telling me it wants a better exhaust system lol.Very annoying with the top down.I may have to bite the bullet and go to the stealership to at least get it diagnosed,watch them blame the CRABs and take my money.I am convinced its exhaust related anyway.
Ya I know the mechanic who is going to check it so I hope he will be cool with the Crabs
I haven,t gone to the dealer yet but mine has the same sound it had at around 40000 k and they replaced it then.So I guess I should make an appointment.Glad to hear that they are still warrantying it,hope that goes for Kipp Scott in Red Deer.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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