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Finaly got them for a incredible price.

Those front Seat looking like a mix between G6 and malibu Seat,it share the back of a malibu and look like G6 cushion. Whatever it use the heated cushion circuit from the G6. The driver seat become fully eletric and now the passanger can drop it. Very usefull Seat.

You will need..
-New Gm Seat

-Front belt with correct bolt setting...
Depend on your car, bolt may vary on belt.
Take a pic of that fixed one on your car and that one on your new seat. Go get them at junk yard on a Aura or Malibu if you're doest match. There 2 different setting on seat bolt or clip and belt to body screw side. I had to get 08 Aura belt.
The connector are different but wiring color and setting are same. Splice and soldering the new connector at the belt.

-Get the entire connector (both side) exept airbag.
Note for these delphi connector: Get them at junkyard, they are usefull for project or something need connector. There a blue plastic piece you can push and easylie add, change pin with a good Amp support x)

-Screw to fix airbag module under pass seat (if there one, either dont need if you're are same "x38?" Number.

-Drill for those screw

-Soldering iron with solder (Make soldering on every splice you do)

-Use only certified heat shrink if possible (No electric tape it make poor installation)
Torx to remove front seat


-Some wire equivalent GA and heat resistance or get them original at junkyard

-Patience and manual abilities

-Maybe some things I missed lolz
Oh yes use a bit of antiseize on those seat screw or bolt

If you install new seat be sure keep that old airbag module under the passanger one. Then open the cushion to get that part of the airbag module to install it into the new seat. In order you need to place and fix the old one in same exactly position like u had on your G6. Since it look like control some airbag and bag warn light will be on. *For your safety DO NOT DRIVE The car till the seat are fixed, belt bolted on, that Airbag module fixed RIGHT like your old one (it mean ALSO the up and down side) and the airbag light are off.include the cushion heated seat. Adding one feet of same wire on for the heatseat (red,grey,grey,black). it will be necessary to fishe the wire into the new hole. Use of sharpie to make "dot" code on it at the each end.

Wiring the passanger heat seat and power seat...
Probe the 3 wire on the heatseat module to the connector.
You should the yellow, red/w and black
Ground the black
Splice red/w with yellow and make it 12v Fused at 15Amp tru a added relay(protected with diode and 500ma fuse)on ignition. Since you don't want your batt dead on Acc or Rap.

Wiring the heatseat on driver side will be same for the passanger to its same relay output.

Back seat...
Are the same, not bigger like in malibu.
No need cut trim and much more

Those seat will pass the inspection the hand up if you don't mod airbag wire/connector at anytime.
Alway make installation review before powering it all!

Well sry for my bad English I'm from Canada Montreal = )

See ya soon and I hope it can help you


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