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Thumping Sounds From Left Side - HELP!

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While driving my '06 G6 GT , I've noticed there to be a thumping sound that gets louder and faster as speed increases. Also, theres is a very faint squeeking sound that I can hear if it's very quiet (no radio, etc). I think it is coming from the rear left side. I've taken both the front and rear left side tires off and everything seems to look good. Any idea on what it might be? I haven't found anything online that matches BOTH these symptoms, but two ideas I've seen were possibly unevenly worn tires or shot wheel bearings. Please help guys!! :confused: Thanks!
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Can you give us some info on the tires? How old, what kind?
Have you tried swapping the front to the rear? A thumping sound, IMO, would seem like a tire issue, like maybe a belt came loose. Have you rotated your tires lately and if so how did you reposition them?
06, squeeking may be time for new pads.
Ok well, the car isn't actually mine, it's my moms so I can't really look at what kind now because she's at work. However, I believe the tires are just the stock Continentals that come with the chrome rims. The car has about 38,000 on it and driven gently so there's still a decent amount of thread left on the tires. I gave each tire a quick visual and physical inspection but couldn't find any bulges or oddities that would arouse suspicion. The tires were rotated about 900-1000 miles ago but my mom started complaining about the noise about 500 miles ago but it's possible she didn't notice because she was listening to the radio. The tires were rotated in an "N" pattern. I've tried taking both left side tires off and reinstalling them to see if maybe they were tightened down wrong but the problem still lingers.
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