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Time for a stupid question

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I have a G6 '07 Value Leader with the I4, that is the only way you can get them, and it drive like a grandma on a motorized scooter in walmart...

So I was thinking what if you put the automatic transimission into "L" at a red light and give it the beans, keep it in low until you get to about 6500 rpm and then push the shifter to "3" and keep going to 65ish, then when at speed put it into "D" and let the OD kick in and go lazy.

Is this bad for the transmission, I know it is bad for the gas mileage, but in my mind it is cheaper than buying a new car.

And other than it being illegal, any issue with shifting to Nuetral while coasting to a red light or stop sign? I dont think the benefit is huge either.
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I am simply trying to accelerate faster, leaving the car in "D" has the shifting marks in the computer set to shift at 2500 rpm so you have no power to accelerate ever. In Drive I have to put the pedal to the floor, wait about 5 seconds and then I get a burst of power, which by the time I get it is too late. If you put it in "3" for driving less than 35mph it changes where the car shifts and wont shift until about 4000 rpm thus giving you more power when you need it.

Again this kills gas mileage but that is not my concern, trying to move the car around in traffic and getting some more excitement out of the car is what I am trying to do. I spent the first 75k miles driving the car like a grandma, plan to spend the last 25k miles driving it like a really slow race car... :D

I dont see how coasting in Nuertal will have a negative effect, you are taking the car out of gear, thus removing the stress from the transmission and drive train, I guess the only impact will be when you put it back in gear.

There is also a lock that requires you to depress the shifter button to move it into Reverse, so I am not worried about that slipping into it. Although, I have to say, I wonder what would happen if you were doing 50mph and put it in reverse...? NO I wont try it and let you know, just wondering if GM or someone has tested for that.

I can see a new car in my future.
Your not going to get any faster using L and 3rd. And if your car is shifting at 2500 i'd say your not pushing the pedal hard enough. if i floor it mine will shift at 6500rpm and then drop to about 5000rpm. with L and 3rd you can control when it shifts but then you also lose 2nd gear.

Myth busters did a myth that you can slow your car down by putting it into reverse instead of using the brake. with the Manual car it obviously just grinded the gears and kept going. On the auto car (i dont know if its like for every car) the car did nothing when it went into reverse. The car didnt allow it self to go into reverse.
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