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Time for a stupid question

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I have a G6 '07 Value Leader with the I4, that is the only way you can get them, and it drive like a grandma on a motorized scooter in walmart...

So I was thinking what if you put the automatic transimission into "L" at a red light and give it the beans, keep it in low until you get to about 6500 rpm and then push the shifter to "3" and keep going to 65ish, then when at speed put it into "D" and let the OD kick in and go lazy.

Is this bad for the transmission, I know it is bad for the gas mileage, but in my mind it is cheaper than buying a new car.

And other than it being illegal, any issue with shifting to Nuetral while coasting to a red light or stop sign? I dont think the benefit is huge either.
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The good news is (in my expereince) if you try to do something that your car doesnt like, it will stall the engine. Yes, I just said that I stalled an auto.
I was reversing and shifted into drive while going a little too fast, and the car killed the engine. So hopefully if you accidently shift into R and the shift interlock doesnt work, the car is smart enough to kill the engine
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