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The G6 Owners Club has installed a Timeslip database to keep track of member's best track times. We encourage everyone to use this feature, but we have a few simple rules you must follow:
  • Times of less than 15.5 seconds must also have a link to the time slip posted.
  • Only times from an actual track may be posted. Not best guesses or times from the PCM or an accelerometer (G-Tech Pro, etc.)
  • Your time slip entry must be as complete as possible. Don't simply fill in only the ET and MPH
  • Post only uncorrected times. If you ran in high altitude, post the track altitude for comparison

Anyone breaking the rules may lose the ability to add a timeslip.

Top 5 timeslips are displayed on the homepage of the website. As well, your ET will be displayed under your avatar with each post you make.

-Shawn & Kelly
Your friendly neighborhood administrators :D
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