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Tinted Tail Lights

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Has anyone done the tint or the spray for the Tails lights? I was wondering if I can just buy the stuff somwhere and do it myself..
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VHT Night Shades with a clear coat on over it is the DIY solution. Then polish the hell of it, but when I did it, it didnt come out very shiny.
The better option would be to have a paint shop mix some black paint and clear coat and have them do it.
Did you wetsand after doing clear, and/or between VHT and clear?
cool! do you know if they have the VHT NITE-SHADES at the local autozone? or you need to purhase it at the website?
Most auto stores should sell it, just dont forget to get a clear coat too
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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