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Just picked up an 07 4dr 4 Cyl thats perfectly mint and 30K miles for a good price.

This car is replacing an 2000 Olds Alero 3400V6 coupe.

Im pretty impressed with this car after 35 miles. Quite, rides wonderful, has plenty of power and the AC blows ice.

The big miss with this car is the factory head unit. No USB.

First priority is getting a Parrot kit installed.

Second priority will be tinting the windows 50%.

After that probably a Fram Air Hog and some seat covers/floor mats.

Its hard to believe it, but Im not touching the stereo on this thing. The Parrot and thats it. Im a pretty big audio nut, run an audio forum, run my online site (sub boxes, products). But nope, this baby is staying stock.

I will lurk in the audio section and help where I can. Im not familiar with this car but I am very well versed in general system design, proper installation and procedures as well as what works and what doesnt. I have some wild systems in my younger days and some very expensive ones now in my older days :)

Now Im gonna finish my lunch!

07 Black GT Vert ♥
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Hi Ryan, glad to hear you're satisfied with the stock head unit. I'm equally satisfied with mine.
Maybe you can post a how to on the installation of an MP3 hookup?
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