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Top stuck midway

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Hello! I had a small wooden picket fence that was caught in the left passenger window. I closed the roof on it by accident. Now it's stuck and won't go anywhere. It closed properly, then opened this morning until it stopped. Now I can't close or open! Or drive it to be repaired. Any suggestions for my stupidity lithe than a swift kick in the head? Just to make matters worse I pushed down on the roof so it would lock in. Yep, not real smart, am I? It does make a hydraulic sound and the windows go down.
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Welcome to the club. Are there any messages on the radio / driver information center when you try to operate the top?

If the hydraulic pump spins but nothing moves, you may have a leak / have run low on fluid. When the pump is working normally you can usually hear a descending note sound as the pump builds pressure. If the tone remains the same you may not be building pressure (another sign of a leak).

Whilst the top is down, it may be worthwhile lifting the covers between the rear seats and rear windows so you can see the main hydraulic rams on each side that move the top and see if there is any fluid on or below them

If there are a two people available you can lift the roof out of the trunk, through the normal motion and rest in the "close to closed" position. Clearly you need to be careful as it is heavy and could trap fingers etc. This would give you more room to check the hydraulic fluid level in the pump. If it is low you can top it up (Pentosin CHF 11S). If you are lucky the hydraulics may close the top the rest of the way once there is enough fluid.

Hope that helps.
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It did, and thank you so much.! We pulled the top up manually. Never had any indication of a leak until now. The right cylinder leaked profusely as we repositioned the top in the up position. The reserve appears empty. Is it possible that I compressed the cylinder unnaturally causing the leak? If not, I'm not sure what to do. No replacement parts from what I'm told
Check out this link...

Sorry, I've gone from optimism to total agitation. The pump now isn't coming on at all. All I get is 3 dings. I've located the leaking cylinder. Have a replacement coming. Filed the reservoir. Now absolutely nothing. I had it locked in a closed position. Silly me opened it again to see the leaking offender. Now the trunk is stubbornly stuck completely open and is stiff. Boy am I screwed. Did I burn the pump, or is there a reason it doesn't seem to be responding? The previous owner took the radio out, so it doesn't have an information panel..
3 dings indicates cycle is incomplete. Why the pump wont come on.
Is it possible that I compressed the cylinder unnaturally causing the leak? If not, I'm not sure what to do. No replacement parts from what I'm told
It is possible, it is also possible that the cylinder was on its way out regardless. Take a look at Top Hydraulics | Rebuilt and Upgraded Convertible Top Cylinders, Pumps, Hydraulic Lines, they can rebuild them. I had to repair both of mine as the second failed soon after. Since the repair they have been great.

Did I burn the pump, or is there a reason it doesn't seem to be responding?
When you checked the hydraulic fluid, perhaps you forgot to reconnect the trunk cover switch or put the trunk cover back into position?
Thanks, your so wise. I didn't put the cover back. After I did the pump still won't work. Sounded solid. Just don't understand. It's at the dealership..ouch!!!!!
Was the dealer able to get it working again?
No. He got it locked closed. I really want it to work. That's why I bought it. Any suggestions? Will a hydaulic shop take it on? They say the main two rams are leaking and one hose.
Fix the leaks first, three leaks is a lot. Myself and Boomer both provided link to place that rebuilds the cylinders.
He's saying two. I only found one. I have a single ram that has been bench tested. I've had two strikes. I used to be a shade tree mechanic. I'm not sure I can do it anymore. Also doesn't the system have to be bled?
The car was from New Hampshire. If I hadn't damaged the ram, it should still be working!
If you damaged the ram it needs to be repaired. Also other leaks.
Also doesn't the system have to be bled?
Once my leaks were fixed the system self-primed. If I remember correctly, the pump 'ran and stopped' for 3 or 4 times (just moving fluid or getting rid of the air I guess). After that I started to hear the telltale descending tone of the pump building pressure and the roof started to move.

As Legrace said, if you want this to work you are going to have to get the rams re-sealed. Maybe ask the mechanic where they noted the hose leak. There are o-rings for the connections at the rams that could have failed rather than the hose itself. If you get a repair at tophydraulics they sent replacement o-rings when I did nine.
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Good info Boomer, thanks for sharing. I bought my 07 new and the top still is working but I suspect its more of a matter of when, versus if, the rams will start to leak. The self priming aspect and tip re the o-rings are the kind of "little details" that are really useful to know.
No one will touch it. Called three recommended top places. It's this something I can do? The dealer for it locked down and explained how I can do. It. He showed me how to back off the screw on the pump and to use the port in the roof to tighten it. Does this sound right?
I have a replacement part. Supposedly bench checked
I think it's a cool little car! It has the 3.9, so it's also peppy. Nobody will take it on including the dealer. Is this something I can do?it looks like a couple of bolts, two attachments, and two hoses. The question is how to do everything in between. If I can'
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t get the top fixed "she who needs to be obeyed" says it needs to go away and buy another project with a working top!
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