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Top stuck midway

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Hello! I had a small wooden picket fence that was caught in the left passenger window. I closed the roof on it by accident. Now it's stuck and won't go anywhere. It closed properly, then opened this morning until it stopped. Now I can't close or open! Or drive it to be repaired. Any suggestions for my stupidity lithe than a swift kick in the head? Just to make matters worse I pushed down on the roof so it would lock in. Yep, not real smart, am I? It does make a hydraulic sound and the windows go down.
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Thank you boomer! I'm going to give it a [email protected] what do I have to lose? Two quick questions. Shorting pins with paper clip. How and why. What about the tiny o rings. Do they need to be replaced? Thanks, Dan S
The paper clip is to defeat the trunk cover sense switch. It would allow you to operate the hydraulics without the trunk cover or the plastic side panel that covers the hydraulic pump being in place. When you take the connector off of the sense switch you can bridge the connector pins with the paper clip to complete the circuit and make it appear to the folding top module that that the trunk cover is in place.

It would be better to replace the O-rings if you can, but I would say it is only necessary if they are leaking. Good luck with the fix.
I'm soooo sorry to keep bugging you, but you seem to be very knowledgeable. Understand, I bought the car a month ago. Considered selling it at is, but it really grew on me. We have grands that ride with us and wanted a convertible. The seat in the back is unlike any other one found. I'freem attempting the ram today, but am slightly handicapped. I'm learning a lot, mostly because of your vast knowledge. The dealership wouldn't touch it other than locking it closed and showing how for me to do the same. I get three dings. The previous owner removed the information center radio so his daughter would have hands free driving. Where is the sense switch and will it help me. The pump no longer runs and the windows don't automatically go down. Thank you boomer, you make me optimistic that I can fix it!!!
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My guess is that you would be getting an error message on the radio if you had the original. If you decide to keep the car, you might want to consider doing the 2009.5 instrument cluster upgrade to get the messages and the controls back. That is for another day.

The dinging is a warning that something is not right. The most likely item is that the trunk cover is not in place (or not being sensed). Looking into the trunk from the rear, look to the right and you will see the plastic side panel with the trunk light on it. You will also see the spot where the trunk cover hooks into place. In that spot you sill see a switch that gets pushed in when the cover is in place. That is how the folding top module senses the cover is in position. Problems in this area would be:-
  • Someone checked the hydraulic fluid / pump and forgot to reconnect the switch
  • The switch could be faulty
  • The cover might not be in position to properly depress the switch
The paper clip trick is to remove the connector from the switch and bridge the connector pins so that the folding top module thinks the cover is in place. Just for testing and whilst working on the top with the side panel out so you can get to the pump and operate the top at the same time, don't leave it like that once you have fixed the problem :)

As with any internet advice, especially when defeating safety features, do your own research and attempt at your own risk..... Good luck with getting it working again.
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Boomer he gave me the original radio, message center. Can I reinstall it. He replaced it with a high end pioneer with blue tooth. But I think I need to put it back! Your thoughts??
You could, depending on how they made the swap. If the original harness is intact. Personally, I would not bother at this stage. The information you get from the DIC in this instance is minimal. Usually something like check cargo top, top not allowed, top not secure, trunk ajar, etc. It is not going to tell you in any real detail what is wrong, just provide some clues that you could probably work out for yourself. If it turns out you have a more complicated electrical problem with the operation of the top, a bi-directional OBD II scan tool that can address the folding top module would provide additional insight. For now I would stick with and check the basics, before spending more time and money. Just my opinion, you get to make our own choices :)
Im optimistic! It seems to function until it drained the rest of the fluid. The top is fully up. Can't get to the front of the ram. Soooo close! Is it safe to put the top back by hand? With help of course
I'm sorry, I've bugged you long enough! Your knowledge is incredible. Must be one heck of a mechanic!!!!!
Your knowledge is incredible. Must be one heck of a mechanic!!!!!
Just a convertible owner who has experienced some of the same issues :)

The top is fully up. Can't get to the front of the ram. Soooo close! Is it safe to put the top back by hand? With help of course
It can be one if you are careful. Another option would be to keep adding more hydraulic fluid (Pentosin CHF 11S) until you get it fixed. If required, you can then do what I would term a 'hydraulic assist' (two people lift / assist the top through its range of motion whilst the 3rd person presses the button to move the top). This would only be appropriate if all the rams were still connected and in place. Please also have everyone be careful as the top is heavy, the hydraulics powerful and human appendages quite fragile by comparison. I should add that you need to wait 5-10 mins since you last activated the pump for the pump to lose pressure before you attempt to move the top by hand if you are doing so without the assistance of the hydraulics.

Once the top is in the trunk, it is easy to lift off the cover by the rear windows to expose the front of the ram.
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Lol.. not so easy from the front! I've removed everything I can! It's squirting a stream. But she sure is trying!!!! Good signs!!!!! Do the bat wings fold by themselves? Worried about breakage
The batwings are purely mechanical, they will move by themselves at the right time unless you get in their way.
Man the connections on the top of the pump are hot! Also it's not responding again. Waiting for friends to come over and help lift the top
It's working. The bench tested piston leaks like crazy. An afternoon of smashed hands and frustration. Who rebuilds again?
Boomer's write up on replacing the main rams is excellent. Read thru the whole thread, it's worth the time. Don't buy eBay or junk yard rams, they either already leak or will soon after installing, just, spend the money and buy BOTH rams from '06-'09 Pontiac G6 Folding Top Drive "Folding Top Assist" Cylinder Main Pivot Bracket Rebuild/Upgrade Service

In replacing my rams, puting the top in the "service position" was a great help - How To replace the convertible top hydraulic ram

Couple of tips, tricks, hints to reiterate:
1) Take your time and be patient.
2) Jumper the cargo top switch with a wire or paper clip
3) Have plenty of hydraulic fluid on hand (CHF 11S)
4) Replace the small o-ring that ships from tophydraulics with the rebuilt rams
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Thanks, your so wise. I didn't put the cover back. After I did the pump still won't work.
Thanks, your so wise. I didn't put the cover back. After I did the pump still won't work.
Hey Dandawn69,
Once you get fixed up, go for a good long cruise with it. You will love it!
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Thank you guys! I ordered a rebuild from top hydraulics. After the one from ebay leaked like crazy. It leaked where the rear bolt goes though it. Is that common? Is there a seal on the bolt that I'm missing? Didn't see one
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