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Torbinator's G6

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Hey guys, my name is Torbinator (But you can call me Torb). Currently 17 yro, got my license a year ago. I've had this G6 since June 2019. Its been in our family since 2007. The day I got the car, I knew I had to start doing something with it. Being a poor boy working at a fast food place Ive only had the money to do small things to the car but I personally enjoy it and thats all that matters. Its my daily driver, ive put on 9,000 miles since I got it in June. And living down a gravel driveway with a black paint job... Unless you're going 5mph you will be covered in dust lol

2006 Pontiac G6 3.5L 165,000 miles
Her name is Esmeralda.

Modifications done:
Plasti-dipped wheels
Red interior
Red side stripe
Speedometer swap
Pioneer aftermarket radio
Neon spoiler

Mods I want to do in the future:
Lowering springs
Magnaflow Exhaust (Trying to figure out how this'll work with Kentuckys laws...)
Tinted taillights (A light tint so that I dont have many problems with the cops)
Paint the headlight chrome piece black
New emblems
CAI (Too bad Lampoon doesnt make these anymore...)
GXP hood (Mom owns a G8. Im jealous of her hood lol)

This is when I first got the car. Everything about the car is fine, until you see the front end.

I started work on it right away. I replaced the bumper, grills, and spark plugs right away.

All fixed up :D

After that was all done the car was left alone for about a month, then I had to actually start doing some stuff to it. I found a tutorial on the forums about taking interior pieces out to paint them. Although my camera makes it look orange (Dang iPhone 5 camera) they are indeed a bright apple red. They look great with the speedometer and my aftermarket radio (And the seat covers... I dont even know why I havent taken them out yet...)

Also found a tutorial on speedometer swap. I love this speedometer in the dark, looks so much better than the old one. (Dont mind the paint crack on that piece, im going to fix that one soon... The one failed piece)

I went to a junkyard a few weeks ago, found a Dodge Neon spoiler... Might have swapped them just because I wanted a change. Dont worry, ive already decided that I have wrecked this car lol

Ive also plasti dipped the wheels black, ive thrown a red stripe on the side, and have painted the spoiler black.

Debadged rear end, and filled the holes from the previous spoiler with epoxy glued pennys on the bottom for support with body filler on the top. Waiting to see how it does in the weather before color matching it.

Sorry if this thread seems to be all over the place. Just wanted to throw my car out there so I can get opinions on what I should change or do in the future. I would love to have someone elses opinion on what I should do next to it. Many thanks for checking out my car! This car still needs a ton of work to look atleast half decent, cant wait to see what I can do in 2020. Happy new years!
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Someday you will have your own show on the tele or whatever they call it in the future!!
Sure thing ?
Really liking all you've done to it! It looks great so far. What made you swap the neon spoiler onto it?
I guess I wanted to change it up, do something that I havent seen on many G6s. Somewhat regret it, but have already filled the holes. Ok ok... My friend said he thought the car would look better with a bigger spoiler lol

We went to a junkyard and looked for a curved spoiler to match the body.
Ive seen these pictures many times, but I dont understand how the G6 caught fire.
So the top two are one g6 Casper and Silver the car b q car was a result of a Lyft SUV cutting me off to avoid a 3 car collision! Casper has a built up 3.5 tuned outta ohio... 230hp ish.... sleeper beast, tire eater if heavy footed , lately been twinkle toeing it haha! A lot you can do, however it will take much more time and money, see my work! Be safe and remember a front wheel drive car in a hard braking situation with having to steer, your ass end will want to lift ... hence putting you into a spin... easy on the dust trails young one.. 2 seconds to decide to be safe is all it takes!
Ahhh... Yeah ive already been warned by the cops. Pulled over for 75 in a 55. Ive learnt my lesson. I think that couldve been reckless driving in kentucky. No more dust trails for me.
Well... Today I was out for a cruise on a curvy road. Came to a stop and noticed something on my new speedometer... It said "Power steering". Well great... This car is at 165k, hasnt had any problems with power steering but if its about to go out, its way over the warranty. Ahhhhh

Wondering if I can maybe drive without it and not break it? Id rather not pay for a cat and a new power steering system all at once...
whats up man I guess we are in similar boats. You got one sweet looking G6. I’m 16 and got a silver 2006 GT sedan in November and I’ve installed full LED lights all around and a louder horn so far.
Thanks! Well currently the G6 has been garaged. I bought a 2001 Jimmy and decided to garage the G6 for a year or two until I have a better paying job that can keep up with its issues. I really love this car, but it can really be a pain to keep up with sometimes. 166k miles so its not really that suprising that im having a few things go out. But from my research its like $1200 for the full power steering fix and $400 for a new catalytic converter. I work for minimum wage, so I bought a Jimmy and am now having fun learning manual.

Although I havent posted lately I got some punisher badges for the G6 and have done some carbon fiber wrapping. I dont have any pictures but im sure nobody really cares anyways since this car is gonna disappear for awhile :ROFLMAO:
Man idk about you but here in Ontario we dont have etesting anymore, so as far as the cats go I'd just say to hell with it, take it off, put some metal where it used to be and call it a day. But yeah the power steering seems problematic. My steering does the good old pop when i turn at lower speeds but nothing serious. what's wrong with yours?
My problem being, Kentucky has laws against modifying your exhaust to amplify the sound of an exhaust. I dont know how much it would do that but I may wait til Im out of Kentucky to do that. And im not sure quite yet, but I do know that its shown symptoms of one going out soon enough.

That just means that when it comes back it'll have a triumphant return!
I dearly hope so, I may just need to find a way to get a manual transmission in it. Im loving the Jimmy. Driving a manual will be hard to turn away from. In my current situation it just isnt worth bringing the G6 back to life, its up at 166k and has had the transmission hard shifting for nearly 4 months now. I fear that I may fix these problems then have a transmission blow sometime soon. I feel like while im still working for minimum wage to drive a cheaper to insure car for now. The Jimmy is 70$ cheaper a MONTH to insure. We'll see what happens. Life changes constantly, maybe something will come up thatll solve some of my problems(Or make them worse...)

Although this doesnt mean I still cant mod the G6 while its down. Its still not "dead", just I bought the new vehicle to make sure when the motor goes out im not stuck out somewhere needing a tow. Now I got a vehicle that can tow my G6 around :D
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Lol, fair enough. I bought my G6 for mostly the oposite reason. I have a nearly stock 2010 f150 that is/was my daily driver. I only changed the exhaust and some seating. But, I bought the G6 specifically to be my fun car that I will add stuff to like new radio, cluster swap, exhaust fix for convertibles, tune etc. I am gifted with a pretty well off paying job to fund it all, but i definitely remember the times when all i had was the truck and minimum wage to carry me through it all. I plan to do a post about the car on the forum at some point after i put the dash back together probably. or maybe after i source the dang cluster i want.... ugh

BUT, don't let life get you down. Enjoy the Jimmy, Have fun with the G6, and, don't worry, she probably has more miles in her than you'd think. Mine is at 203k and seems fine :D
Indeed, they are fun cars, but my dream car still awaits. I await a 350z. But I do hope to get this thing running whether I get a couple thousand more miles out of it or someone in my family. Would hate to see it leave... I dont ever plan on selling it, just running it til it falls to the ground then keep it around for a future project car. Think about it, the longer we stray from the time Pontiac died, the less you'll see these on the road. Yes we still have a ton on the road right now, but in like 20 years im sure these cars will be gems. But I could be totally wrong.
That would be pretty nice.

Id say run LEDs tho, no one will think much of a car with them. If you get your headlights looking crystal clear they look very nice(And the instant power on is very satisfying)

G6s are great cars, just arent as popular as they used to be. Unless you have a GXP G6 you really arent noticed... But if you can get that G6 past 140 ill be quite impressed lol
I havent removed the limiter, my car tops at 113.
Sad to hear about your power steering. That’s a problem you can’t really get around and it’s expensive. Unfortunately that and a couple of electrical problems are just common with the G6s. Or at least that’s what i looked up before buying mine. Took the chance and the car has not had any problem with it. Also got the last model made tho so maybe they fixed it lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing the jimmy if you custom it but some purist on here might throw a fit ?
Eh, there is a subthread for this that allows cars that arent G6s. No one looks at that tho. I'll probably post it sometime down the road... For now it needs some body work (Passenger fender is destroyed, previous owner hit a mailbox). I do plan on doing some modifications to it though.

I believe power steering was a issue for the 05-08 models, someone correct me if im wrong tho. It is indeed an expensive fix. I plan on going to college next year for automotive technology. Ive already visited the school. Its a hands on school so maybe when we get to the "steering" semester I can buy the parts and have it as a car for the class to work on.
Also yeah, my G6 has some steering related issues to it too and from what people are saying not only would it cost a pretty penny but it would probably take more time to fix it than it's worth.
For my problem if I were to pay a mechanic itll be about $1200 or do it myself for $700. I did not have the time to have a vehicle down since I work Mon-Sat.

LED's are a must have. Check out my threads I did on mine, I changed all exterior lights except my fog lights with LED's. Installing the resistors was pretty easy too for the turn signals. Don't buy the cheap shit they have on Amazon though, probably won't work and it's a waste of money. I went with Hikari for my headlights and Sylvania for everything else.
What are you talking about here? I bought that cheap stuff on amazon for like $20, have had them working perfectly fine for over a year now without any issues. And no it does not blind any drivers on the road, ive tested it :p
It has been over a week now without the G6, I certainly do miss its get up and go... But oh well, life happens. Currently the plan is to get a job at some place that doesnt pay minimum wage and start saving for both college and the G6 repair. But again I plan on bringing the G6 to the college for a test subject for a steering lesson since the school is hands on learning. Would be cool to actually learn about everything around the system rather than mindlessly following a guide online.
The car still exists. Just been sitting around the driveway. Randomly came across this so just had to say something lol

Currently still rocking the Blazer with a 4/5.5 drop and nearly as low as the 6. Just havent had the interest to mess with it since... My sister may be taking over the car. Im just trying to look around for a G6 with a manual trans. That would most certainly peak my interest, otherwise Im just gonna settle with the vehicle with more cabin room haha
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