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On a trip from San Antonio to Omaha to Atlanta in my 2007 2.4L G6, the Traction Control indicator turned on and off intermittently every 40-50 miles starting somewhere in Missouri. It eventually came on and stayed on. Shortly afterwards, the CEL turned on, then later the DIC displayed "Service Traction." Checking these forums I found almost a dozen possible problems, many of which would be expensive repairs. I finally pulled into Advantage Automotive in Murfreesboro, TN. They found one of the Cam codes on the OBD. (Not sure which one).

David at Advantage said the oil quality often affects some of the Cam codes. He changed the oil and added BG cleaner (fuel injector).

I drove the last 200+ miles to Atlanta without any indicators coming on. Now, a week later, still no warning indicators. Strange thing: the oil had just been changed two weeks earlier and the DIC showed oil life at 74% when warning indicators first started. It's a strange story, and also a blessing to find it only takes $40 to fix what I thought would be 10X or 20X more. And a mechanic who knows the ins and outs.

Another observation: this little G6 gave me 29-32.5 MPG for the entire trip. In fact, in some of the 75MPH speed limit areas in TX, the MPG was slightly higher than when driving at 65-70 (based on dividing miles by gallons at each refill, not the DIC MPG estimate.) It's a great little car. :)
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