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The G6 Owners Club has implemented a new 'Trader Rating' system. This system will allow us to better track transactions with our membership.

When buying/selling on our forums, please be aware of the trader ratings and how they work. Be careful of members with low ratings. As always: Buyer Beware!

About Feedback
Every forum member has a feedback rating which is displayed as a rating number in parentheses. If you click on the number a window pops up displaying comments from other members they've bought from, sold to, or traded with.

For example: Bob (12) means that the forum member with the user name Bob has received positive feedback from at least 12 other forum members.

How it works
The feedback rating system is easy. You receive:
+1 point for each positive comment
0 points for each neutral comment
-1 point for each negative comment

When to check it
Before you negotiate on an item, you can check the seller's feedback rating by clicking on the number next to the "Trader Rating", or from their profile page. Sellers may also want to view the feedback profiles of potential buyers to see how reliable they've been in the past.

How to leave it
After you make a sale,purchase, or trade, remember to leave feedback for the forum member you bought from or sold to via their profile page. This helps everyone in the community know what it's like to deal with that member.

Feedback cannot be erased. The feedback you give is permanent, so be sure to make only fair and factual comments. Giving false or innacurate information will more than likely get you banned from the forum. If somehow you did leave incorrect feedback, please contact a forum Administator.

If you feel you have been dealt with unfairly, or you have left a comment in error, please contact Kelly or Shawn immediatly. Abuse of this system will be dealt with harshly, and may result in bans from the GAOC forums.

Thank you all. Enjoy your new rating system. And remember to use it wisely!

-Shawn & Kelly
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