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Transmission Problems / Hard Shifting

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So this is the problem im having with my Automatic Transmission, just recently my transmission has been shifting really hard for each gear and the engine light has also came on too, now sometimes it goes away and the gears shift normally and then it loops again and happens all over again. I cant seem to figure out what the problem is or maybe do I have to bring it to the dealership to get the computer reset or something else causing this problem, has anyone else had this same problem before?
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Ok thank you, i will look into that, but I actually got the error code from one of the OBD2 Readers and it said the cause was my Air Intake Sensor 1 being on the high level, so the minute i cleared the code the transmission was back to normal, could it be the cold air affecting the sensor to read at a higher level and causing the engine light to come on? Cause i only had my aftermarket intake during the summer not the winter.
Faulty IAT sensor or wiring will cause hard shift, my 99 Sonoma will to.
Not bad if you drop the tranny, some do it still installed.
How did you lower the engine cradle, inquiring minds want to know.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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