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Hey i recently test drove an 09 gxp. It was equipped with the 6spd auto. Man what a sweet transmission. It shifts fast and hard you can really feel it shift.

But anyhow im also looking at an 07 gtp with the 6spd auto and havnt gotten the chance to test drive it due to its outa town.

my question is are the transmissions identical for the gxp and the gtp? Will you get the same hard shifts? Because i really like the hard shifts in the gxp that you can really feel, and after all, theoretically increases transmission life due to less friction for a bonus...

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I am pretty sure they are different. Not definite however. I am pretty sure the 07 GTP and the 08 GXP were the same. But I think for 09 they changed stuff around.
I'm pretty sure that they are actually identical.. 07 GTP, 08 and 09 GXP all have the same 6 speed hydramatic (6T70) and 252 hp engine.. BUT, you should take the GXP.. because GXPs look like this: (haha..just kidding.. I think they are both good..just different look)

my GXP^^
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