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Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone read the threads on the steering failures. My old 05 GT was a huge lemon! I traded it in on an 06 GTP, I'm a glutton for punishment. The car has been good except for not having its radiator supports screwed in properly which caused me to loose fluid, and some other minor noises.

Anyways, I upgraded the stereo in the original, and have futhered it in my new car. Here is a list and (hopefully) some pictures. Let me know what you guys think.

Head Unit - Eclipse Navigation w/ 30G - AVN5495 - http://www.eclipse-web.com/avn5495-index.html
Front Speakers - Eclipse 3-way components - SC8365
Rear Speakers - Eclipse Point Source 6x9 - SP8994
Sub - MTX right now, JL 12" W7 Coming

4 channel Xtant X604e www.xtant.com
1 x 1000 class D Xtant X1001

Upgraded Battery to Optimum Yellow Top
0 Guage Wire the amps in the back
Upgraded 0 Guage Ground
Street Wires Zero Noise RCA Cables
12 Guage Street Wires Speaker Wires
Sirius Satellite
CompuStar 2 way FM Paging Alarm w/ Pizo and BackUp Battery
Auxilarry Input and 300W power inverter mounted in accessible spot for Xbox or Playstation
Nice Tint

So far all I have done to the exterior of the car is HID foglights and HID headlamps.

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Actually, my lights are being replaced. I'm having some difficulties with them. They are currently Eagles, I'm looking for maybe 2 Phillips sets.


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