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Trouble with speed settings for air in cabin

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When I turn on the air in the car, whether its with A/C or not, I can't use setting one, nothing comes out. Settings 2-4 work fine. I have helped people fix this problem with other vehicles. Usually from over using the setting and causing a short or corrosion build up on the connector. Does anyone know where the resistor(at least I think it is) pack for this is?
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Have you tried using electrical contact cleaner on the switch itself?

I had another car that this problem happened to after a large McDonalds sweet tea was spilled into the console... Long story.

Anyway, I pulled the whole switch panel out and used electrical contact cleaner on the switches from the back and they worked fine after that.
I haven't tried that. I haven't even pulled the side of the center console off to look in there yet. Work has had me busy lately and it happened fairly recently. I will look and see if it is just 'gunky.'
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