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Trying to install a Double Din screen... Need help finding a Mounting kit

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I want to install the double din Pioneer Avic-D3. My problem is, I cannot find a proper kit. My Stock deck has all the information, i.e. mileage, oil life, temp, etc. I found single din mounts that easily transfer the information onto their own little lcd screen, but...... it's a single din. Anyone know how this is possible to install? :confused:
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Pioneer D3 Advice

I have a G6 as well. And, as you already know, these cars have the computers built into the radios such as the temp, gas, oil life, and all that good stuff. I work for a car audio store which a company we deal with just came out with a double din kit for the D3. This kit is for a double din and it has a built in computer at the bottom panel that gets attached so that you will not lose those computer features. Any more help about car audio? Just give a yell or email me @ [email protected]
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