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what is the best product to tune a g6 gtp 3.9l or is this a good product
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i was looking at the WAMS tune for the 2.4L but since I have a 6spd auto it said i needed to bring it in or something for the TCM. Someone please make some sense out of this for me.
If you wanted the TCM done you'd need to bring it to us in Michigan otherwise just get the ECM portion done. The TCM is inside of the trans and not really easy to swap ;)
what is a crank relearn and can i do it my slef

So its not enough to email me HOURLY (not including the six spam posts you made here) asking when I'm shipping your tune even though I've told you countless times even TODAY that the ECM I ordered for your car will be here tomorrow you took it upon yourself to try and DEFRAUD me by reversing the paypal payment. It hasnt even been a week yet WTF is wrong with you?!
ya, for sure. If i drive down there to get a tune done. How long would it take to finish it? I have a 3.5 L 06'
Just shoot me a PM with specifics and I'll letcha know :)
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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