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Good afternoon fellow G6 owners! I hate to sound like I'm repeating some of the threads, but I thought I could bring some more infomation to the table regarding the sound system.

I have a 2010 (2009.5) G6. 3.5L V6 with 56k miles on it. I purchased it the end of May.

Over the first couple of months everything seemed to be fine while listening to the radio. As the weather started cooling off I noticed that the rear pass. speaker wasn't working. I played with the fade/balance. Figured out that the front speakers (save the tweeters) and that one rear speaker weren't working.

After it'd sit in the sun and warm up they'd crackle to life from time to time. Now that temps have plummeted, I have the tweeters and the one rear driver speaker. I went through the threads everyone has posted and found that it could be the head unit/stereo, the amp (where is it?) or just blown speakers. I found a video on how to remove said stereo and my eyeballs hit the deck.

Long story short ... can anyone help me determine what is going on because if I do this (dismantle the entire dashboard, pull out door panels and rear deck lid), I want to do it once. New stereo, speakers and all that. I prefer the look of stock but hey if it's got to go, it's got to go.

I enjoy this car very much. But I'd like to enjoy it more with some tunes! Thank you all for your input and feedback. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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