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Turning into driveway.. BAM! Power steering fails!

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I was driving home from a trip to the mall with no problems, then all of a sudden as I turn into the driveway the maintenance light comes on and the car beeps. I didn't know what was wrong at first because I was driving in a straight line up the driveway, but sure enough as I straightened out my wheel I knew something was wrong. It's now like trying to drive a tank, and it'll makes noises whenever I turn the wheel.

I shut off the car multiple times and everytime I turn it back on it works for about 5 seconds then fails again. Does that mean that it's a fluid problem?

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them? What's the cost for something like this? I tried researching it a little bit, and it seems I'm not the only one. The furthest I could get was that GM was looking into recalling pontiac G6's for this, but that was in 2007, so I don't think they ever did recall it because I would have heard.

I've never had this happen before and I don't know what to do! What if this had happened when I was on the highway or something?!

Please help me because I have places to go in this car!
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I have no real experience with hydraulic steering but i would say check the fluid. And pumps do go bad. Most likely it will need to be replaced. And its scary my ants van has brakes and steering in one pump and she lost both while Driving!!! at least gm didnt do that with these cars.
i had many issues with my power steering going out on me while drving various speeds or turning , or even hitting a bump>> Doing research i called GM and told them i got a 05 g6 with 62,000 miles at the time ( last year) and they did have a TSR out to replace steering Columns on 05 G6's.. Got it replaced at NO cast to me and have not had a problem with the steering column since , and now i got 70,000 miles on it..
Depending on what year your G6 is you might have the same issue I had.

The 05 and 06 year G6 had electric power steering.

The problem was that GM bought parts from Toyota. In this case the steering column.

There is a little electrical part at the front of the steering column, towards the engine compartment, that fails, it then sends a signal to the computer and the computer freaks out and shuts off the electric power steering. making it damn hard to steer at all because you're pushing against not only the wheels, but the electric motors as well.

The bad news is that GM will not help. I went through HOURS of their BS before they finally said that they wouldn't help.

The warranty I bought for it did cover it, But ONLY after about an hour of back and forth phone calls with the service department lady at the dealership. The only reason they paid to replace it was that the car has no power steering pump, which the warranty did cover.

The only way to get the little electric part is to buy the entire upper steering column and replace it.

I didn't do it but the job looks like a PITA and took the dealer several hours.

I think that the cost of the parts and labor was somewhere around $800.00.

I only know that because I saw the paperwork the lady at the service counter was filling in. She was awesome by the way.

All I can say is good luck.
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