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So this has been going on for quite some time. But I've noticed it more today when I went to buy a new cd and was jamming back to the house.

Car specs:

2008 Pontiac G6 GT
Maroon Sound System stock with a 10" diamond sub and 400watt diamond mono amp
3.5L V6
I don't think car specs will really benefit my problem

-It's the passenger side tweeter.
-Pops when low bass notes hit
-Aftermarket Pioneer DEH3400-UB Radio
-Sound Retriever set to 2
-Equalizer set to custom
-Tone Control: Bass - 2, Mid - 3, Treb - 5
-Loudness set to Low
-Sub Settings set to reverse
- Sub Control set to 80Hz, I also will change it to 125Hz sometimes, and the + is set to 4 out of 6
-SLA set to +4

I'm guessing I blew it? I can also hear my 6x9s suffering in the back also. I have my music turned up between 8 and 13 out of 62.

Should I replace the tweeter with a stock one? Or should I just ignore it? Any settings I can change to hopefully get rid of the cracking? Any aftermarket tweeters to suggest looking at? And is there any way to disconnect my rear speakers to keep from hearing the flapping sound? It sounds gross when the bass gets really low. I'd like to replace them but would rather just buy a set of fronts and disconnect the rears.
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