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Alright, so I know this is probably a question that's been answered before, but my quick forum search didn't find a solution, so here goes:

What's the best CAI option for my 3.9L GTP? I see this crabintakes.com intake option, for example. Is it a good one? I seem to find a lot more CAI options, like Injen for example, that make them for the 3.5L. Will this fit the 3.9L easily, or does it require extensive fabrication? Anyone out there do it with success? Again, I'm sure this is a "beating a dead horse" topic, but humor me. :beer: I really like the Injen intake, how it's a complete aluminum tube all the way from the throttle body, instead of the CAI's i'm finding that are basically just filter replacements after the factory Mass Air Sensor and intake tubing. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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